It’s True We Do

We cram two adults, a toddler, and a baby into a Tiny House on wheels and we couldn’t be happier.  Our 204 sqft Tiny House is spacious compared to our last one that was only 115 sqft!  Perspective, right?   We recently left our home state of Alaska this winter and have proudly become snow birds in Seattle.  Our new home is complete with two lofts, a den, and a climbing wall!

On the blog we discuss all sorts of things!  How we think in inches rather than feet. The process of becoming minimalists.  How Bjorn’s house growing up was 10,000 sqft! We no longer ask people to give us tangible gifts, instead we ask for experiences.

I like to think we are rather normal even though we have an abnormal house.  I will let you be the judge.

Looking For Land

We are seeking land to rent long term on Vashon Island!  Though we are prepared to be completely off grid with solar panels and a water holding tank, our goal is to find a long term place to live electric and water hook ups which is as simples as a regular plug  and a garden hose! 

We want to raise our kids close to the earth in a community setting and we know Vashon is the place for us!  Please spread the word and contact us if you have any suggestions!

Miles Driven

Square Feet