Alaska Problems: Iced In

We want to roll the Tiny House into town.  She needs to be weighed & the trailer needs to be checked out.  Alas, at the current moment, we are iced in.  Alaska problems.  Though everything else has thawed around the interior,  we live on the North side of a hill which means no sunlight during the day. Our stuff still remains frozen to the ground. We could chip away at it and get it moving, but we are lazy and that would take hours.  You can read all about how truly lazy we are in the book I am writing called This Lazy Life!  Not finished (honestly far from finished) but in the works.  Maybe I am too lazy to ever finish writing it?

For now we are waiting on solar power to melt the ice.  We have spent this week sorting through our possessions.  I was thinking we were no where near finished with that, come to find out, we are almost done!  6 more totes to sort!  Thats IT.  Get ready for the biggest sale ever when we have our Tiny House garage sale.

We went up last night to check the status of the ice and came upon this beautiful creature.  The house is still stuck, but she made it worth the drive.



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  1. Hi , just found your site/sites fb too … Im all interested in this tiny house movement and love to follow those already doing this. One to learn as much as I can , two to enjoy it vicariously thru others since it will be a time before I can move on in this stage of my life. God willing seriously I’ll have the chance to take Brutus (my dachshund) and myself on an adventure in the last phase of my life. Considering Im 58 already Im behind the curve lol rounding it should be an adventure in itself. So I hope you accept me into this life youre sharing and I wish you and your family the best as you travel and settle in wherever that may be . Thank you Kathy Davis


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