Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries: Day In the Life


A day in my life is Tiny.

I wake up with the sun streaming in my window, with sweet tiny fingers and toes at rest next to me.  A little nose nestles in wanting to nurse.

My two.
My Littles.
My loves.

We step out of the door of our 115 sqft Tiny House on wheels right into the wild.  My family is surrounded by a unique beauty that can only be described by the word: Alaska. The crunch of the snow crystals beneath our feet, over our heads the snow covered spruce trees.  Squirrels chitter, birds chirp.

On our trek into town, a turn opens up to the glorious view of the mountains, which includes the mountain, standing tallest, she is grace: Denali. (Which you may know as Mt. Mckinley). Alaska hosts the largest mountain on this continent, but we are the largest state in the country.  Alaska is first to Texas, California and then Montana, and still bigger than all those combined.

In town we go about our day.

We come back to our Tiny House.

My day every day often seems insignificant.  I have been getting smudges off of cheeks.  (The same way your mom did it, with a lick of my thumb and rub rub rub).  I set up water coloring paint just to have to have to wash it up off the table.  I break up squabbles between brother and sister.  I read the same book over and over.

Living in our Tiny House has changed my daily point of view. It’s the tiny things that make a big impact.  I once thought in feet, I now think in inches. I used to think of things I wanted, I am now content with what we have. I have learned to love more with less. The little things, are actually the big. The painting inspires creativity.  Resolving sibling rivalry promotes peace. Reading creates a love a learning.  All of these things will help build  to a peaceful & loving future.  (Cleaning the smudges, that is just a quintessential mom thing to do!)

Because of our minimalist lifestyle, I have learned to love my Littles in a different way. We are close, always, just like their slings.    Our family has grown together, stronger, tight within these four walls and wheels. As I take them with me, spending time in the community. I’m not just a mom, I am a driving force for change for a peaceful future.

My house is different but we as mothers are the same. We love our babies. We keep them safe. We want for them the world….

Tinyhouse-Family-bannerPhoto credit
Sarah Lewis Photography

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