Dresses That Tell A Story: Red

Very seldom does emotional attachment to things exist for me. A thing is just a thing, nothing more nothing less. It serves a purpose whether that be function or bringing joy.  I have seen others attach so much to an object that it takes tears to be able to let it go.   I’ve had honestly had no understanding of  the process they are going through to until it came to three dresses.

He asked me to a ball, a first date that needed a gown. I felt like a princess about to be swept off her feet and needed a dress that reflected that sentiment.

On sale, she spoke to me, I called her Daphne, reminiscent of THE red dress from Frasier. (Does everyone name their clothing, or is that just me?)

I drained my bank account spent every last penny on this dress.  I figure it a wise decision considering I landed THE guy, the man who would become my husband. Was it the dress? Probably not, but it looked so perfect it had to have helped. This first date was worth having to live on Top Ramen.  Thank goodness they served food at the ball because I was starving. I have heard of women doing drastic diets to fit into dresses, I have no will power for that nonsense. Apparently the trick for me is just to have no money to spend on food.

Hanging to the left in the far back of my closet, Daphne has spent the last 5 years. I have seen her red hem draped on the floor and I think about that night, a night that changed my life in the most wonderful positive way.

Now I see the dress and think there is no way it’s gong to fit in our Tiny House. I wore it once and have no plans to wear it again. Especially because it doesn’t fit! (To big, not too small!)  Fist pump!

I ripped the Band-aide off.  I took a deep breath and took it into my favorite shop Fireweed Boutique, a consignment shop where I have become a regular.    Draped in memories and ever so beautiful I told the girls the story of my dress.


The next time I went in she was prominently displayed.  I choked up and held back tears.  She will be loved by another woman.  This dress will have the opportunity to make new memories for someone else.  Maybe another couple will fall in love and live their version happily ever after, I know we have.


  1. What about the other two dresses? :)

  2. ” Lady in Red” a favorite song, but can’t remember the female artist. She too wore it for her future husband.


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