Dyson Vacuum

Tack another $500 dollars on to your tiny house build budget, because if you are going to live in a small space you need this small vacuum.  I know you want to slap me right now because these darn tiny houses are more expensive than you expected anyways, and $500 is a lot, it is half of $1,000!  But trust me, you are going to thank me later. 


There are basically 5 different kind of bugs in my hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska.  There might be millions of mosquitos, proudly deemed our state bird, but there isn’t much variety in the six legged critters crawling and creeping about.  Basically, I don’t know my bugs, anything larger than a dime freaks me out.  

So there the little bugger was, climbing on the sofa, I was doing everything I could to keep it together with two little kids watching me.  Husband is at work, not around to save our lives, it was up to me to defend the homestead.  

Eureka!  I have the my brand new vacuum! And no, not a Eureka brand much better. A Dyson.  

That little smug bug that was in my house was going to get what was coming to him.  With the longest vacuum tube attached, the even longer upholstery attachment clipped in,  my arm extended at full length, I hit the turbo and sucked that little buggy up into my vacuum and felt triumphant. 

There might not be a turbo button in your vehicle, but rest assured, this bad ass bug sucking vacuum has one.

End of story, so you would think, but this isn’t just a product review. This is a story of revenge.  

Later that day, while vacuuming the house, there was a smell.  A smell that made the three year old tuck her nose in her shirt.  A smell that admittedly made me gag. I learned a new type of bug that day, I vacuumed up a stink bug.  And living up to its name, it wreaked of the bug’s revenge.

What to do?  What to do?  I need to cover this smell that has been blown into our house from this powerful tiny vacuum.  Eureka! Again, not the vacuum, I have a Dyson, an idea!  The smelliest thing I have that I could vacuum up is coconut flakes.  The toddler thinks I have lost my marbles because after digging in the pantry, I am now happily flinging coconut on the floor, something she would not be allowed to do.  

Success.  I vacuumed it all up.  No longer bug smell.  It smells like you are on the beach drinking a coconut cocktail.  

We just moved across country, after countless moves we have never had our pantry tip over, but it did this time.  The only thing to spill is the coconut.  There is coconut from one end of the house to the other.  Freya’s sentiment, “Again?!”

This vacuum is awesome because:

Small enough to keep hidden in a Tiny House

Powerful enough to suck up everything!  (So far this includes crumbs, bugs & spaghetti noodles #momlife)

It can be configured into a variety of sizes and shapes

Battery powered

Turbo button

Tiny House Growing Family is now an official Amazon Affiliate!  If you use this link to buy the vacuum I get kick backs.  I would greatly appreciate it!

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  1. We just might be coming back to this link if we choose this one :) funny story! And yes, we definitely need something for our small space still!


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