Freyja Day #145 Numbers Are Hard

Our daughter Freyja is named after the Nordic Goddess of love and war.  Thursday is named after Thor & Friday is named after Freyja.  Every Friday I will be sharing with you the funny sayings and antics that come from our little Freyja who is two and a half years old.

Freyja is aware of numbers and how they are used but doesn’t quite understand them, it’s entertaining listening to her figure it out.

“I’m ready!  One, ten, fourty!”  Because one, two, three is so last year.

“It’s taking 2 ever!” She knew that 4 was a number and so is 2, it’s taking 4 ever/forever.

Because of being so sick this week Freyja has watched a lot of television this week.  Probably more than in her entire life.  Since my parents don’t have internet we have had to stream from the cellular network, it was taking forever. She was watching the red Netflix circle go round and round, gripping the phone and yelling, “I’m patience!!!”  Obviously she isn’t, but she is trying.  Oh to be two.

This week Bjorn was urging Freyja to get moving…

Bjorn:  Hurry up!  Let’s get cracka-lackin’!

Freyja:  I no want to.

Bjorn:  I know!  You are cracka-slackin’!

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