Freyja Day #146 Mama

Our daughter Freyja is named after the Nordic Goddess of love and war.  Thursday is named after Thor & Friday is named after Freyja.  Every Friday I will be sharing with you the funny sayings and antics that come from our little Freyja who is two and a half years old.

I am proud to report that Ogden has learned his first word.  Mama.  It makes me mooshey every time he says it, even if it is just chirping for food.

Me:  Say mama.  Ma-ma.  Maaamaaaa.  Mama!!  You can do it.  Ma. ma.

Ogden:  Nothing.  Crickets.

I continue: Mama, mama, mama….

Freyja across the room YELLS: MAMA!!!

Apparently she had enough of my on goings.  I wanted someone to say Mama, she said it.  Done.

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