Freyja Day #156 Running Errands

Our daughter Freyja is named after the Nordic Goddess of love and war. Thursday is named after Thor & Friday is named after Freyja.  Every Friday I will be sharing with you the funny sayings and antics that come from our little Freyja who is three years old.

Freyja Day #156

Because family photos would be boring without her.

The Itchy Bitchy Spider walked up the water spout.  It isn’t that she can’t say ‘Itsy’ It’s that she truly believed it was itchy instead of itsy.

Mama, let’s run errands!!! Me thinking: AWESOME. Let’s light it up! Get some shiz done.

…Then spending the rest of the day with a pissy toddler who is in disbelief that we are running errands because of the lack of running. SMH.

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