Freyja Day #161

Having one child is glorious, having two children is hilarious.

Driving around town Ogden is asleep in the back seat.

Freyja: Can I play harmonica? 

It is the end of Oggie’s nap, so I give her the thumbs up.

Freyja:  No I can’t!  Ogden is asleep.  

Then why did she ask in the first place?

Apparently Freyja isn’t only cheeky with us.  My mother gave us a Tiny House work day and took both the children out and about.

Grandma: Is Ogden asleep?

Freyja: No.

Grandma: Are you sure?

Freyja:  Ogden not asleep.

Grandma apparently has the audacity to ask one more time.

Miss Sassy Britches told her: Take off your glasses and look! 

Ogden tried to take Freyja’s juice.

Freyja: Oggie NO my Americano. 

We were talking about Freyja Day, the wee one pipes up:  French fry???  #closeenough

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  1. “My Americano!”
    Kills me. Nola pretends coffee too


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