Freyja Day #163 Elvis

Our daughter Freyja is named after the Nordic Goddess of love and war.  Thursday is named after Thor & Friday is named after Freyja.  Every Friday I will be sharing with you the funny sayings and antics that come from our little Freyja who is two and a half years old.

ElvisOne of my favorite places to eat in Fairbanks, Alaska is Ivory Jacks Bar because it is a safe eating environment for our allergy family.  Every wall up to, and including the ceiling, is covered in campy crap and doodads.  I love taking the kids there because there is always something to look at, a life size Elvis perches prominently above the bar.

Freyja: Mama, he has to go potty.

We were driving the other day and spotted a rainbow.

Freyja: Look mama!

Me: I already saw.

Freyja: Your not sawing. Look!

We baby wear all the time in Sakura Bloom ring slings in our family. (Check out #tinyhouseslingitforward) Recently at the parade, Freyja saw a baby in a structured Kelty backpack.

Freyja: Why is that baby in a suitcase?!

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