H2O at Home Review

Bjorn:  This H2O at Home dishwasher detergent is complete crap. 

Baylie:  We don’t have any dishwashing detergent from H2O!

Goes over to look.

Baylie:  You put the stain stick through the dishwasher!!!

Bjorn:  No wonder it didn’t work… 

H2O at Home

My friend Jeanine sells H2O at Home products, and sent us a care package to use in our Tiny House!  When used correctly (ahem, Bjorn) they are the most amazing cleaning supplies I have ever used.  I am continually shocked by how well the work without chemicals. Here is my review, sans the Netepur.  That didn’t make it through the dishwashing cycle.  

Laundry Ball

There is magic in the world, it becomes harder to see as we get older, but I’ve found the magic beans!!!  The Refillable Laundry Ball is what I was most interested in trying because we need grey water safe alternatives to anything we put down our drains like shampoo, dish soap and the hardest to find, laundry detergent!  This ball washes your clothes and uses no detergent at all! True story morning glory.  There are ceramic pearls inside rumble together and change the Ph of your water creating a clean with no soap.  If you have a really dirty load, as sometimes I do with children, I add the most teeny tiny bit of detergent which H2O also sells, but for our daily wear, I don’t find it necessary.  If you live in a Tiny House, or have any allergy that may be exacerbated with laundry detergent, you need this. 

Cleaning Clay

Ogden ArtThere are some things you just don’t want your mom to know about.  Ogden going to town and ‘artfully’ decorating my moms solid oak dining room chair with red permanent maker is one of them.  I tried every chemical cleaner that she had and that red Sharpie market was just not going anywhere.  Thank goodness I had Cleaning Clay in my car!  After nothing conventional would touch it, I lightly rubbed this on and the red vanished.  I have never been so relieved.  I would describe this as the all natural version of Soft Scrub that ever mom should have.  Seriously.  

All Purpose Glove

I opened this and wanted to rub myself with it.  Who am I kidding?  I totally did.  It has a nice soft but scrubby texture to it.  Our walls are made from wood and sometimes get smudges on them, the All Purpose Glove is scrubby enough to clean but not leave an abrasion spot. My trick is to get it wet, put it on Freyja and let her got to town.  She half cleans and half chases her brother around with it. 

Variety Chiffonnette Kit


This is why H2O is famous, instead of cleaning with chemicals, you clean with specialized micro fiber cloth and water.  

Our Tiny House is obviously tiny, we don’t have much room to store a lot, we have a broom and a vacuum, but I opted to not own a mop, instead I wash the floor on my hands and knees using the Heavy Duty chiffonnette.  (We totally could have a mop if I thought it was important, it builds muscle to work on your hands and knees!) 

The Essential Multi Surface has been a lifesaver for dusting while we do our Tiny House bathroom remodel.  It is surprising how dusty it gets inside when there is hacking and sawing going on.  All of my book shelves and window frames get wiped down weekly with this.  

Did you know that windex is basically ammonia tinted blue?  No. Just no. That is not coming into our house.  Instead, I get the Precision Glass wet, wring it out and then slide down my windows in an S motion from top to bottom finishing up around the edges in the square shape.  They sparkle and are streak free so much so that Ogden tried to walk through it the other day.  I’m a bad mom! I laughed, and then scooped him up to give his noggin a kiss. 

Clean without chemicals, this is why I love H2O at Home so much.

Double Sided Microfiber Sponge

I despise with a fiery passion washing dishes, I will gladly take on any other chore.  Dishes are simply the worst.

I have had to reevaluate since we live in a Tiny House with no dishwasher (yet!) and really figure out why I dislike this chore so much and what I could do to make it better.  My husband is amazing, and does them most of the time because he knows I hate it that much, but I can’t put all of it on him.

After I got the Micro Fiber Sponge from H2O at Home it dawned on me (is there a pun there?) what the issues is.  Sponges are gross!  They sit with food particles day after day and are cold and wet, the bacteria that must grow!  And then you scrub another dish with it that you eat off of?

Problem solved:  You can wash this sponge!  I am buying 6 more, one for each day of the week. I will do the dishes, and then toss it in the laundry.  No more gross sponge for me and a lot less dishes for Bjorn to do.

I am having an online H2O at home party on Facebook if you would like to learn more!  I love this stuff and think everyone should have it in their big or Tiny House.


  1. Hey Baylie! I found your blog! It’s been fun looking it over :). The Norwex cloths I was telling you about are the same concept as H2O, just thought you would like that tidbit of info. Talk to ya soon!

  2. First from the name itself i thought that you are something tells about water. But by reading with this i came to understand with the concepts of cleaning with the foam and all. Thank you for making this posts here.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I’m about to go tiny and have been looking for more products that are good for greywater system so this helps!


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