Freyja declared this year she would be a bunny.  It is a Hippity Hoppity Halloween around here!  Every bunny needs a carrot right?


Living in a Tiny House has changed my perspective, the disposable nature of our culture has become evident to me.  It never has given me pause before, but now, but I am trying to change.  I aim to buy things that are high quality, will last and aren’t one time use.

Cold hard truth: Honestly, I am just tired of making trips to Good Will, if I am going to buy it, darn it, we are going to use it over and over!

When I set out to make this years Halloween costumes, avoiding adding to my donate pile was my goal.   I strived to create outfits that my children could wear the rest of the year, but be in the spirit of dressing up.

Fryeja Bunny

My little bunny is wearing a bunny shirt!  Her entire outfit, minus the ears and tail, came from Hanna Anderson, a brand I am smitten with because of the quality. Can you imagine a pair of leggings lasting through 5 kids?  Five run like crazy, puddle jumping, hill rolling, wildly fun kids?  By way of hand me downs, we have proved it is possible. #ilovemyhannas

Easter is my favorite holiday, so the bunny ears and tail will live in the holiday tote to be brought out again next year.


The bunny costume was fun, but for me, the carrot was even more so.  A brigh orange hat with ribbon sticking out of it?  It gave me reason to sit, be still, and do some hand sewing.  I really enjoyed putting this one together!  His outfit (minus the hat) he can wear the rest of the season and no one will know it was his Halloween costume.

I am open to suggestions on what can be done with the hat…

Standing in the Halloween Store figuring out which face paint pallet would be best for a bunny, it occurred to me, I am going to be using this once.  Why am I buying it?  I decided that if I was going to be spending money, it may as well be on something that I will get continual use out of.

I took my little bunny to the Mac store at the same mall.  She got whiskers and a nose and I got eyeliner and blush.  Good deal?  I think yes!

Happy Halloween from our Tiny House to yours!

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