Hammer Time

Tiny House Growing Family is not just a blog, we LOVE to get out into the community!  Last month we worked with Fairbanks Childrens Museum and hosted an art class with left over Tiny House supplies.  Kaleidoscape Play Studio in Anchorage is the inspiration for the class!  

We made mallets from PVC pipe.  Left over squares of insulation became canvas. We strewed art supplies all over the table and let some toddlers go to town!  They banged pieces and parts of paper/tule/foil into the insulation with roofing nails.   Above all the whacking sounds you could hear the giggles. A good time was had by all. 

We are honored to have been asked back!!  May 29th we will hold another Hammer Time class.  

You can see what fun we had!  I love abstract art.  

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