How It Happened: The Entire Universe Conspired 2 of 3

I always know I am going down the right path when I encounter smooth sailing, no hiccups or bumps.  Going down this Tiny House rabbit hole I kept expecting to hit one.  It never came.  It still hasn’t come.

When I suggested we spend our year in Fairbanks living in a motorhome to cut costs and save money, the first question arose:  Is that even possible in Alaska with the cold weather?  The answer is yes!  Check out this blog.

For our family the answer was no, we feared it would be too cold and drafty with Littles.  I was still curious how much a motorhome would cost.  That’s when I saw the listing on Craigslist:  ‘Food Truck For Sale’.  Sure, it was listed as a food truck, but it looked an awful lot like those Tiny Houses that I have lusted after on Pinterest.

I assumed I would be shot down.  I assumed I would get an eye roll.  I assumed I would hear a resounding, “NO.”

It never came.

I asked Bjorn, “Could we live in a Tiny House?” I showed him the computer, “because this looks exactly like one and we could customize it to be just how we wanted it!”  His shocking answer, “Let’s consider it, I want to see it in person.”

Jaw drop.  Reach for phone quick before he changes his mind.

By this point I am 100% in.  That’s just how I am.  JUMP.  Look for a landing mid air.

I called the number on the ad knowing full well that if I told him we were planning to live in this ‘food truck’ I would be seen as a lunatic.  Would he even be willing to sell it to me once I said its purpose?  Maybe I shouldn’t even say.  Okay, okay I decide I will only tell him if he asks. Of course he asks.  I returned his question with a question, “Have you ever heard of a Tiny House?”  The response I heard on the other end made my heart skip, because at that moment, I realized that the universe was conspiring.

“YES.  I am Tiny House enthusiast.” the fellow said.  “I built this structure knowing that I could turn it into a Tiny House later if I wanted to.”

Whoa.  The Universe has spoken.  JUMP.

How It Happened: 3 of 3


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