How It Happened: Impulse Buy 1 of 3

This one time, we bought something that looked like Tiny House on Craigslist (it was just a shell). No joke.  That’s how it happened. Complete impulse purchase which I have been inspired to make before, but normal things!  A trashy magazine or clearance sunglasses marked 60% off.  And now, apparently a house, a non traditional one at that.

My husband is following his passion, he is a teacher.  When passion and work collide amazing things happen, unless your job is underfunded….The climate for education funding in Alaska is abysmal.  Due to budget cuts, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off.  He has received a pink slip in May the past three years due to lack of district funding to keep on ‘new hires’.  If you would like to keep up with public education funding in Alaska, follow Great Alaskan Schools.

The situation is stressful for a small family!  We have taken to moving each year, chasing job openings.

This year the job has taken us from the big city of Anchorage, back to our home town of Fairbanks.  This was a true blessing because we had a new baby born to us this summer and lots of grandmothers in Fairbanks!  With five grandmas, if I play it right, I would never have to watch my children, just drop them by different grandmas house on a rotating schedule.

This current teaching position only lasts for a year. We started brainstorming, how we could possibly live as cheaply as possible? We wanted to save money to have a downpayment for a house when we returned to Anchorage next year.  I posed the question, a motorhome?

Labeled as a ‘Food Cart’ on Craigslist we had found what would be our Tiny House!

How It Happened: 2 of 3

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