Baylie Carlson

Tiny House dweller.  Minimalist. Lover and mother. Alaskan. Baby wearer. Googley eye bomber.  Yoga dabbler. Writer.

I have always been very transient, wanting to take in the whole world. For a year I could fit all my possessions in a suitcase and be off to the next adventure at a moments notice. Minimalism is easy, until it comes to art, then I want to keep it all!! 

Past jobs: Social media marketer, event coordinator, apprentice midwife, organic farmer, rickshaw mechanic.

The hardest part about living tiny will be lack of privacy. 

 Bjorn Carlson

Husband, Father &  Science Teacher

He has his bachelors degree in Education and is working on completing his masters.

Part of the Tiny House movement to invest in his family rather than renting and paying someone else’s mortgage.

The hard part about living Tiny will be de-cluttering, he is a bit of a packrat.


Freyja Carlson

Toddler. One word: sassy. Do I need to say more? 

Freyja is funny.  She will make you snort laugh, it may not be cute sound to make, but it’s okay, she won’t judge.  Freyja tells it likes it is with no sugar coating, though she does prefer things to have sugar! She is always determined and never distracted. 

Freyja is named after the Nordic goddess of love and war.  Thursday is named after Thor and Friday after Freyja.  Each Friday I will be doing Freyja Day posts!

Ogden Carlson

Son and brother. Smiler. Expert climber, up up up, terrible at descending. His day revolves around nursing, sleeping and ‘playing’ with sister which is really his sister bossing him about. Like the big bad wolf, ‘What big eyes you have!’ He uses his peepers to take in the world around him. A man of study.

He is named after Ogden Nash the poet.