Freyja Friday #179 My Little Pony

Our daughter Freyja is named after the Nordic Goddess of love and war. Thursday is named after Thor & Friday is named after Freyja.  Every Friday I will be sharing with you the funny sayings and antics that come from our little Freyja who is three years old.




We have a lot of impromptu family dance parties, this week DJ Freyja wanted to listen to My Little Pony. I am proud to report she was referring to Steve Miller Band.


Streaking around house yelling “Oggie crab!!!!” because  brother is trying to pinch her bum, she quickly sits on the floor and exclaims, “My bum is gone!”


Freyja is a performer, she puts on many elaborate shows for us dressed in butterfly wings and sparkly ballet shoes.  I suggested she shake her tail feathers, indignantly she replied that she was not a chicken.


When Freyja was younger, her skin was always itchy and rough from allergic reactions to food she was eating.  Now we have all of her allergens sorted (she can’t have gluten, egg or diary) Bjorn commented on how soft her skin is now.  Freyja explained, “Since I have such soft skin I am an extra cuddly person”.  It is true.  We love our cuddly Freyja.

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  1. So glad she is doing so well and cuddly. Can’t wait to see one of her performances in March.


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