Our Daughter

Our daughter, Charles V Carlson IV, “Ivy” born in our home at 12:17 on 12/17/16
Newborn Ivy
We celebrate our wedding date every year with a gift in the traditional anniversary theme.  This year was wood.  We are also minimalists so when we gift we focus on experiences, so there I was looking for a wood experience for my husband, yes, insert all the jokes.
Thanks to fate, the perfect themed outing found me. We started our excursion at Barns and Noble to get supplies.  I love reading magazines and he loves reading non fiction, we loaded up in anticipation of spending an evening together without kids or electricity.
Getting to the register the clerk asked for our phone number to search our membership, after she pulled it up, she saw Bjorn’s official name, Charles Vernon Carlson III.  She was rather tickled and informed us that it take 5 generations of a name to be an official dynasty.
After Barns and Noble, I surprised Bjorn by taking him to a large log cabin on the river, a wood experience!  That was the night that we decided to let the Barns and Noble clerk name our baby.  She is a girl, her official name is Charles, she is named after her papa, her grandpa and her great grandfather.  Bjorn’s maternal grandfather is also named Charles and Charles is the name of my grandfather too. She has some impressive footsteps to follow in.
Plus, we didn’t want to be left out of a dynasty.
Photo by Ciara Richardson our doula and photographer.


  1. Charles was born into an amazing family… she is going to have so many great and unique life experiences .. I am excited to read about them and the rest of your beautiful family

  2. I’m rather curious, is her middle name also Vernon or did you pick something different that started with a V? I like using the IV to call her Ivy. Nice touch :)


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