1967 Airstream

Everything is more expensive in Alaska.  I remember the realization that an oil change costs $49.95 back home, where I was in Indiana, it was only $14.95. I felt taken advantage of.  At Denny’s, the average meal is $12 in Alaska, and in the Lower 48 you can get breakfast for under $5.  What the what?  

My last hard hitting lesson came when we were heading to Fairbanks this summer and considered bringing our Tiny House with us.  The move from Washington DC to Seattle was $2,000, and the mileage to Alaska wasn’t much more.  

Oh but it was, $8,000 was the lowest price I could find to move our house North.  NOPE.  We started searching for another option. 

The Christmas before Ogden was born, I decided that I would like to live a Pinterest life.  What does that even mean?  It means an artful life, a delicious life, a homemade life, a creative life. 6 months later we bought our Tiny House.  

We took it to the next level of ‘Pinterest Life’ when we moved in to our summer digs.  We live in a 1967 vintage Airstream 

Thank you The Prints and the Pea for Creating this wonderful piece of art to share our exciting news!  Follow her on Instagram and on Facebook and support a mom living the dream raising her children and creating art.  

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