In August we bought the a shell of a Tiny House, which included roof, walls and a trailer. We have been living in it while we build, progress has been slow this winter.  It’s just so cold in Alaska!!! We did manage to do this:

We have our Tiny House insulated! 2 inches of RMax in the walls and ceiling, R14. We have 8 inches of spray foam in the bottom of the trailer.

Our lovely brother inlaw created a breaker box and we are tied into electric.  We aren’t cool enough to live off grid.

We have electric radiant floor heat installed. We thought this would be optimal since Ogden is a crawler, gotta have warm floors! We have paired it with Nest thermostat. Being able to ‘auto start’ the house, turning the heat on with our cell phones on the way home was alluring. Nest also has an algorithm adjusting for the time swing of radiant heat.  When you heat a cement slab, it retains heat, this thermostat learns the length of that retention and will turn the hearing coils on and off accordingly.

We installed two windows!  The smaller window is on the kitchen side giving us more space for cupboards.

Our friend Steve Taylor built our loft.

We had flooring installed, but ran into a bit of a snafu. I will write more once the company has the opportunity to make it right.

We decided to pause the build and resume when the weather is warm enough for our Littles to play outside while we work.  For now we are working daily to publish to this blog and bring the website to perfection.

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