The best laid plans of moms and men.

I’ve always had June babies so in October, except for my constant yaking, you wouldn’t even know I’m pregnant.  But not this year!  This year I am round as round can be and I started planning our halloween costumes as soon as I got pregnant.

Freyja would love to tell you, ‘I’m gonna be a punkin, Ogden’s gonna be a punkin, baby is gonna be a punkin and papa is going to be a farmer’.

Pregnant Pumpkin

I had been eyeing a particular maker forever, as soon as she announced the ordering open for her pumpkin accessories I jumped.  In June.  I was planning that far ahead.

Zoom ahead to October when the package FINALLY arrived making me sad that I couldn’t in good conscious recommend her to other people, 5 months for an order is far too long of a turn around. At least they were cute and the quality was top notch.

Today is Halloween.  The day the Carlson Pumpkin Patch is about to roll out.  NOPE.  How the hell is it possible to lose anything in a Tiny House?!  I have.  I have lost two out of three pumpkin hats.

On the positive side, my house is clean and 100% organized because I have literally searched every square inch.  Things that are actually possible in a Tiny House.

I had to bust out the kids Christmas gifts and they are unicorns for Halloween. 

I despise how many times Frozen’s, Let It Go is applicable to my life.   I think Freyja’s face summed up my attitude toward the day.

Freyja and Ogden Unicorn

On the up side, the kids didn’t care, they had fun enjoying festivities with their friends.  I hope you had a lovely holiday!  Check out my last years blog post and how we dress up and still hold onto minimalism, as you can see here, the only thing they wont wear again on the daily is the unicorn horns, but really, I’m not sure maybe they should.

Freyja Unicorn


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