Today I saw the sweetest family walking on the side of the road, there have never been more adorable children (other than my own) there were five little red heads, a mama and a papa.  They had a double stroller with three crammed in happily riding, one walking and the littlest fifth was in arms.  I’ve been where that mama was, those adorable little lumps of love get heavy fast, she looked exhausted from carrying the smallest.  I searched my car for a sling to give her, but they were all at home.  My next thought was caffeine, I get exhausted wrangling two around so I continued my route to Starbucks and picked those parents up a latte.
It is always awkward being a generous stalker, when I pull up next to a stranger and hop out of the car I think I scare people.  I gave them the coffee, told them how sweet their large family was.
There was a homeless lady at the same corner who burst into tears and asked if she could give me a hug.  She is pretty much my new favorite human, her one hug lead to a bunch more, and all of those sweet little redheads didn’t know what was happening, but they all of the brothers and sisters hugged each other.  Love all around, especially today.
Remember the scene in Titanic when the ship is going down and you saw into the cabin with the old couple in bed together, just holding one another?  That part where had you not been crying you finally had to reach for the Kleenex because the those hot tears came running down your cheeks?
…They were just waiting for the end to come.  That was us last night.
After the kids were asleep we stayed awake for hours holding onto one another.  Stunned, horrified and physically ill because the reality of how America had voted.
Our country has been struggling to make change and progress for decades and I had thought we were getting there but this campaign season has highlighted how much further we need to come.
What does this election mean for us?  We can not become complacent.  It means we have an exhausting four years to come because we will we will giving generously and loving fiercely.  Relentlessly. Every. Damn. Day. In a time where hate and fear is being spread by our leaders, we will be shining with love and light.
These next four years are going to be difficult for so many. I plan on keeping the news turned off and not scrolling through my Facebook feed because I don’t want the negativity creeping into my life.  Instead, I will be jumping out of cars and giving people coffee, crocheting hats for those who need warmth and ready to feed anyone who needs it.
Jasmine Kennedy of 14 Mile Farm
“To my trans friends, my gay friends, my lesbian friends, my bi- pan- and gender queer friends,
To my Muslim friends,
To my immigrant friends,
To my friends who are people of color,
To my Alaska Native and all indigenous friends,
To my friends who have been marginalized, who feel betrayed by this election, or fearful for your safety
I want you to know that I’m here. I see you. My house and my heart are a safe space where you’re always welcome.”
Tiny House Growing Family is here.

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  1. This is so touching .. what a beautiful person you are inside and out..


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