The Wrong Washington

We are moving!  Again.  All the way across the country.  We went to the wrong Washington.  

House and Tree

I have two favorite hashtags that I use often, #tinyhouseproblems shows that living Tiny is not always glossy perfection like the magazines portray. Tiny house dwellers and builders sometimes run into unexpected hardships which are often funny, hence, my love of this hash. The other one that I have been using a lot since our move south is #myalaskaisshowing, because it has. There are things that I do and see in the Lower 48 that can only come from an Alaskan perspective. 

It’s 40 degrees outside? It’s warm!  No coat. #myalaskaisshowing

Waking up to fog and assuming it is going to be frigid when surprisingly enough, it is actually pleasantly warm.  The fog I know is ice fog! #myalaskaisshowing

Heading to the next state over and briefly considering if I need my passport.  #myalaskaisshowing 

I spent time in South Dakota when I was a teen and seemed constantly lost in the flat landscape.  I am not directionally challenged, but how does one know which way is which when there are no mountains to base location off of?  I was laughed at and reminded that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. The thing of it is, I wasn’t ‘reminded’ of this, this was brand new information!  This Alaskan had a blank stare because the sun in Alaska is up all the time in the summer and it’s down and dark in the winter. The business of rising and setting was never a ‘thing’ other than it did and it didn’t. #myalaskaisshowing 

The plan had been to go to Washington. Cold hard truth, I never grasped the rising in the east and setting in the west thing. We went the wrong way. We went east to Washington DC when we should have gone west to Washington State. 

Quick to realize, admit, and fix our mistake we packed up the house, threw the kids in the car and are on our way!  #thecarlsonsheadwest  Washington state will be our new home.  

You probably have some questions ask them here!  I will write more. Follow Tiny House Growing Family on Instagram and Facebook for updates!  


  1. What part of Washington? What will you all be doing? How well have you recovered from the flu/ illnesses?

  2. There has to be more to the story than you picked the wrong Washington. So how did you pick the wrong Washington? Or did things just not work out on the East Coast and you got a job offer on the west coast? Please post lots of detail on the Washington area, West Coast Washington that is, because I too have thought of relocating there except I hear you can’t save the rain water off your roof it’s illegal and that bothers me.

    • Ummm you can totally save your rainwater in western Washington. People have rain barrels all over the place.

    • It’s not illegal to collect rainwater in Washington. In Oregon it is, last I heard. From a Washingtonian. 😉

      • You can collect rain water here in Oregon. We are a leave little footprint as possible. We also have lots of tiny houses here as well. I am b one who will be starting my build in a couple weeks. Seen the show when they built yours, nice.

  3. I am a recent (15 months ago) Washington transplant from Alaska too. It’s beautiful here, freeways and all. I’ll be following your journey!

  4. I can’t wait to read more. I just found your blog through your contributing at SDD.

    • Welcome!


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