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Thinking he had discovered the next big thing, he came home with a fancy new box of wine.  (Personally, I think the term box should have been the first clue.)  He had never seen this brand before! The new Italian wine that had graced the shelves at Fred Meyer in Fairbanks Alaska he proudly brought home.  Holding it up, pronouncing it in his best fake Italian accent, this master of malaprop sounded it out, ‘she-ah-bleigh’.

Have you seen the movie A Christmas Story? Instead of the leg lamp, it was a box of wine.  Fragile became ‘fra-ge-leigh’, can you guess what ‘she-ah-bleigh’ was?  


Honestly thinking it was ‘she-ah-bleigh’, he had proudly come home with the box labeled Chillable Red Wine.  My father-in-law is one classy mother fucker.


If you thought the Tiny House Movement was all sorts of wonderful, I am here to inform you that this party just got better.  We have Tiny House Wine, Pino Noir 2014 by Tiny House Vineyard. I have been rubbing shoulders with the right sort, and am excited to be sampling before it is released to the public. Jealous much?

We opened this lovely bottle of wine at our Tiny House Community and shared it. What we know about describing wine:  Nothing.   We try anyways.

“The Tiny House Wine has hints of DIY, cedar paneling and a touch of Valspar. It finishes with a pleasant roof.”

Sean Burke

“I would describe this wine as jammy, but that is because we are drinking it out of jam jars.”

Baylie Carlson
Tiny House Growing Family

In all seriousness, this Pino is the best, and not only because it has a Tiny House on the label but because it’s ability to turn your dreams into a wine. This is Jesus level people. You can read the much more authentic and classy description of the wine here. 

Everyone needs this wine! Moms, you have kept your little humans alive all day and you deserve this!  Cheers! Tiny House Bloggers, to help your writing flow. Cheers!  Tiny House Builders, at the end of a hard days work. Cheers!

Everyone else, because this is the best damn glass of red wine I have ever had. Sign up to be on their mailing list to get the details. You can buy a limit of 3 bottles on March 9th.

Tiny grapes, big taste.

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  1. About the Tiny House Wine! Holy Fu…. C😜. For $180 for 3 bottles of bloody red wine you could have sacrament & communion for the next 100 years in the Basilica.


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