Troublesome Tuesdays: Climbing Walls

My favorite Tiny House hashtag is #tinyhouseproblems I love the hit of reality that is highlighted and often the hilarity involved.  On Troublesome Tuesdays we highlight a member of the Tiny House Community and their #tinyhouseproblems  For week one, I shall start out with myself.


When you live in a Tiny House with a functional climbing wall, and forget your purse in the loft on datenight.  #tinyhouseproblems #mamasgotnewshoes

-Tiny House Growing Family 

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  1. Came to your blog through a link from Medium (post with responses to a hilarious write-up about tiny homes), and I have to ask you: where did you get those absolutely adorable booties? I want them. And bonus kudos to you for wearing them to climb a wall!! LOL!


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