Vashon Island

Our house is on wheels and we utilize those suckers, rolling, rolling, rolling.  Our Tiny House has ping ponged all over from Philadelphia to Colorado, Colorado to Washington DC, and now Washington DC to Seattle. Uniquely Tiny to have mileage on your house, and just like a car, she gets dirty on our cross country adventures!   

 Tiny House Wheels

We have landed in #westillneedanameforourcommunity and though we are happy to look out of our windows at other Tiny Houses knowing that have been welcomed and accepted, we missed the mark by about 60 miles. 

We visited Vashon Island last year and it called to us. Our first stop was at a coffee shop, a friendly patron gave us an impromptu tour of the city because he truly loved his home.  The food was so scrumptious that Bjorn still talks about regularly, we knew we would be back.  When we realized we had gone to the wrong Washington, we knew Vashon would be our forever home.  

We are looking for a long term parking spot on Vashon for our Tiny House on wheels to raise our children. Though we are prepared to be completely off grid with solar panels we have found that Washington winter weather comes with a lot of clouds! We would need an electric hook up and access to water which is as easy as a plug and a water hose.  

We want to raise our kids close to the earth in a community setting and we know Vashon is the place for us! Please spread the word and contact us if you have any suggestions!  You can read more about us here.  Feel free to stalk us on Instagram too!  

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