Yes, it is actually a hashtag.

It is difficult for me to explain why Washington DC was not for us.  It wasn’t our jam.  It wasn’t our cup of tea. Simply put, we have a different palate, we went to the wrong Washington. 

After months of telling every person I met, from strangers in the check out lane, to the horrible hairdresser who chopped my hair (when your friend says, “Oh my gosh!  There is a huge chunk missing on the left side!!”).  I told my friends, I shared it on local social media, I told my barista, I told the zoo keeper, every farmers market vendor, I wrote email after email and not a single bite.  The RV park had become our home where we didn’t want to live.



One single phone call to a friend in Seattle and our Tiny has a place to park among friends.  We live in a Tiny House Community!!!

Our home is parked in the Seattle area between BentoBox and The Tiny Tack House.  Our neighbors Sean Burke, and Chris and Malissa Tack have welcomed our little family and we love it here, I burble over with happiness on the daily.


We have a place to park, water, electric, internet and access to a conventional home, our common house, where we have every regular amenity we might be missing in our Tiny, which really isn’t much, but I do love the washer and dryer!

Sunday, January 24th, we will have a Tiny House Meet Up if you would like to join us.

We still need a name for our Tiny House Community!  What would you suggest?

Photo rendering by Malissa Tack 

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  1. So fantastic!! How about something with Circle or Arc in the name? It looks like you’re parked in a circle…

  2. I am completely in favor of Drewryville…..for whatever that is worth.

  3. Microtopia

  4. Community Name:

    Tiny Packages
    …Big adventures comes in Tiny Packages

  5. Awesome I plan on building a tiny home community right outside of Houston in the near future. .

  6. We Three And More Wethreeandmore!

  7. Would love to go tiny live of disablity income & Sexton 8 subsidy…how that work for me.?

    • Is your disability dyslexia perhaps?
      I don’t think more of us than any other group are on disability and living off the system – far from it. Making a smaller footprint on the earth is good for the planet and living this way is really living. It’s a beautiful thing.

      • Leta, your reply to Shirly was completely ableist and uncalled for! I’m absolutely disgusted with your attitude and frankly you are making tiny home dwellers look like assholes. I’m not sure why you would think it’s a BAD thing for a person with a disability (dyslexia or otherwise!!) to feel drawn to tiny houses and want to live in one. That’s pretty much the opposite of ‘community’ so I’m not sure why you’re even on this page.

        Shirly, if Leta hasn’t driven you off, to ACTUALLY answer your question, there has been some debate about possibly using tiny homes to combat homelessness. This is only in a few areas and is pretty controversial. A google search will give you some articles. I couldn’t find anything about section 8 rentals though. There may be changes in coming years as tiny houses become more popular. :)

        • And now that I see that my first comment is awaiting moderation, I would like to add that I’m shocked that the moderator allowed a snarky ableist comment like Leta’s.

  8. Little Ti
    Or Timunity

  9. FABEL town

  10. How about ‘Home At Last’?

  11. By looking at your site, there is one thing that sticks out. That would be your bamboo plants. If it were me, I would go with Bamboo Lane.

  12. How about Tiny home pioneer fort. Sounds good to me :0)

  13. So sad I just saw this today! Let me know when you have your next meet-up, I live in tacoma and would love to come up!

  14. It needs something Zen. How about Tiven (short for Tiny Haven).

  15. Haven

  16. Tiny House Community name ideas:

    Cascadia Collective
    Good Karma Cooperative
    Kaleidoscope Circle
    PNW Manor

  17. Love to know about your progress and next event!
    Down here in PDX building now!

  18. Smallville


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